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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | The defining characteristics of soul are: knowledge, perception, conduct (activity), austerity, potency (capability) and cognitive faculty (No other entity possesses these qualities). | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Lord Anantnath - Main Details


Lord Anantnath was the fourteenth Tirthankar of the present age (Avasarpini). According to Jain beliefs, he became a siddha, a liberated soul which has destroyed all of its karma.

Symbol -
Porcupine Falcon

Lord Anantnath
Father Simhasen
Mother Mata Suyasha
Clan Name Ikshvaku
Place of Birth Ayodhaya
Source of Descent Pushpottar
Date of Descent (Garbha Kalyanaka) Kartika Krishna 1
Date of Birth (Janma Kalyanaka) Baishak ku. 13
Age 3,000,000 years
Height 50 dhanusha (poles)
Body Colour Golden
Date of Enlightenment (Kevala Gyana Kalyanaka) Baishak ku. 14
Date of Diksha (Diksha Kalyanaka) Baishak ku. 14
Diksha Tree or Vat Vriksha Ashoka (Jonesia asoka)
Place of Nirvana Sammed Shikharji
Date of Nirvana (Moksha Kalyanaka) Chaitra su. 5
First person to donate food Vishakha
Period of Meditation 2 Years
Chief Disciple (Ganadhar) Jaya
Head of Female Ascetics Padma
God of Organisation (Yaksh) Patala
Goddess of Organisation (Yakshini) Ankusha or Anantamati
Heaven Pranatadevaloka
No. of Muni 66,000
No. of Aryika 62,000
No. of Shravak 2,06,000
No. of Shravika 4,14,000

Famous Anantnath Temples

Shri Digamber Jain Teerth Kshetra, Ayodhya, U.P.
Anantnath Swami Temple (also known as Puliyarmala Jain Temple), Puliyarmala, outside of Kalpetta, Dist. Wayanad, Kerala.

Om Namah

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