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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | Most difficult to conquer is self; but by conquering the five senses, and the passions of anger, pride, intrigue and greed the self stands propitiously conquered. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Asteya or Achaurya (non stealing)


Achaurya is a Sanskrit word meaning "avoidance of stealing" or "non-stealing". A Jain must not take anything that does not belong to him without the prior permission of its owner. This includes even a blade of grass from another’s garden. The implication of this vow is extended to prohibition of following:

  1. Taking another's property without his consent, or by unjust or immoral methods.
  2. Taking away a thing that may be lying unattended or unclaimed.
  3. When taking alms, taking more than what is minimum needed.
  4. Accepting things stolen by others.
  5. Asking/encouraging or approving others for any of the above mentioned prohibitions.

One should observe this vow very strictly, and should not touch even a worthless thing which does not belong to him. Jain monks and nuns who survive by begging for food from laypersons are advised not to acquire more than a few mouthfuls of food per family.

Om Namah

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