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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | Victory over thousands of external enemies in the battlefield is insignificant, (it is of no avail) compared to the victory over one's inner enemies; vanquishing one's passions is an unparalleled conquest. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Festivals


The festivals are of two types:

  1. Worldly - In the worldly festivals, the feelings of worldly pleasures are important. This is the cause of Karma-bondage. So they are not the real festivals.
  2. Beyond World - The festivals which are beyond this world. Divine festivals, are the steps to take the soul to the upper position. Here, the worldly pleasures are not important.

Paryushan Parva | Daslakshan Parva | Kshamavani Parva | Mahaveer Jayanti
Diwali | Mahamastakabhishek | Other Festivals

Om Namah

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