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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | Soul does not possess qualities of matter, so it is not apprehensible by senses; though the soul is not material, it is eternal; soul's defiled actions result in its worldly cycles. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - B

 Word/Term  Meaning
Badara: Gross (body).
Badha: Depriving of vitality
Badhita-visaya: Subject being hindered
Bahiratman: (Perceiving) The self in externals
Bahirvyapti: External concomitance
Bahu (Matijnana): Many
Bahu-shruta-bhakti: Devotion to Upakhyayas or teaching Saints.
Bahuvidha (Matijnana): Multiplied
Bala tapa: Austerities not based upon right knowledge
Balabhadra: A Jaina literary type; the hero and companion of narayana
Balatapa: Austerities not based upon right knowledge.
Bandah: Bound
Bandha: Attracted matter had actually become a part of our body, i.e., when it has become bound to the soul as the body is already bound to it; Bondage; Karmic Bondage; The matter comes and binds the soul.
Bandhana: Bondage; molecular bondage; Energy that brings about karmic influx
Bhagavan: Venerable
Bhaikshya-shuddhi: Purity of alms, according to the scriptures.
Bhajana: Option
Bhakti: Devotionalism
Bhanga: Infractions committed intentionally; One of the seven-fold ways of statement
Bhasa: Language
Bhasa-samiti: Care in speaking
Bhasha Agrahya-Vargana: Speech-unrecievable-molecule
Bhasha-Vargana: Speech-molecule
Bhasya: Commentary
Bhattaraka: Venerable ones; a class of Jaina clerics
Bhava: Function; Internal; states of a dravya; a synonym for paryaya
Bhava-jiva: Real symbol of soul
Bhava-puja: The internal aspect of a devotional practice
Bhava-samyaktva: The internal aspect of true insight
Bhavana: Meditation; Practice; a section of the Acaranga-sutra
Bhavanavasi: Those (gods) who reside in mansions
Bhavasruta: Real functioning knowledge
Bhavatmaka: Real
Bhavatva: Real
Bhavollasa: Aroused emotions
Bhavya: One who is capable of attaining moksa
Bhavyatva: Capability of attaining moksa
Bhaya: Fear
Bheda: Disjunction
Bheda-vivaksa: Desired difference
Bheda-vrtti: Attitude of difference
Bhedopacara: Secondary use of difference
Bhekta-pana: Mixing up food and drink.
Bhiksu-pratima: Difficult asuterities recommended for a mendicant
Bhirutva-pratyakhyana: Giving up cowardice or fear.
Bhoga: Enjoyment;experience
Bhoga Antaraya: Obstructive of Enjoyment, of non-comsumable things.
Bhoga-antaraya: Karma that restricts enjoyment
Bhoga-bhumi: Realm of enjoyment
Bhogopabhaga-parimanavrata: Restraint against practicing certain professions and partaking of certain foods+B832
Bhojana-Katha: Food
Bhumi: Realm
Bhuta-anukampa: Compassion for all living beings.
Bhutacatustaya: Division of four matters
Bija: Seed
Bijapuraka-kataha: A seed-filled fruit, probably Aegle Marmelos, used for medicinal purposes
Bodhi: Enlightnenment
Bodhi durlabha anupreksha: Rarity of Right path. It is difficult to attain right-belief, knowledge and conduct.
Bodhi-durlabha: The rarity of enlightenment
Bodhisattva: One who follows the career of a Buddha
Bodiya: Naked
Brahma-charya: Celibacy.
Brahmacari: Celibate; one who has reached the seventh pratima
Brahmacarya-pratima: The seventh pratima, in which absolute continence is observed
Brahman: The unitary Absolute postualted by the Vedanta school
Brahmana (Brahman): A member of the priestly caste
Brahmavrata: Refraining from all illicit sexual activities

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