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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | The defining characteristics of soul are: knowledge, perception, conduct (activity), austerity, potency (capability) and cognitive faculty (No other entity possesses these qualities). | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - E

 Word/Term  Meaning
Eka: One; unitary
Eka-ksetravagaha: Occupying the same locus
Eka-phalaka: Probably identical to eka-sataka
Eka-sataka: A mendicant who wears a single piece of cloth
Ekanta: One-sided; Taking only one aspect of a many-sided thing e.g., man is mortal and immortal, regarded from the point of view of body and soul respectively; Taking only one view.
Ekanta-nitya: Absolutely eternal
Ekantavada: Extremism; absolutist doctrine
Ekantavadin: One who holds an absolutist doctrine
Ekartha-samavayin: Co-inherent in the same substratum
Ekatva: Unity
Ekatva anupreksha: Loneliness, I am alone the doer ofmy actinos and the enjoyer of the fruits of them.
Ekatvajnana: Knowledge of oneness
Ekendriya: A being with only one (namely, the tactile) sense faculty; a synonym for sthavara beings; One-sensed creature
Ennui: Dissatisfaction.
Esana-samiti: Care in accepting alms
Eva: In fact; an important term in the formula of the sapta-bhangi-naya
Evambhuta (Naya): The such-like
Evambhutabhasa: False such-like view point

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