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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | My own self is the mythical river VAITARNI, my own self is the legendary SHALMALI tree, my own self is the fanciful KAAMADHENU, my own self is the imaginary NANDAN garden. My own self is the doer and undoer, of unpleasant and pleasant experiences; my own self, on meritorious path, is my friend, my own self, engaged in demerit, is my foe. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - G

 Word/Term  Meaning
Gaccha: A chapter of monks
Gajanimilika: Closing of eyes like an elephant
Gamdha: Smell.
Gamika (Sruta): Scriptures containing repetitions
Gana: A residence unit for monks
Ganadhara: Direct disciple of the Tirthankaras Supporters of the order, i.e., the first mendicant disciples of a Tirthankara
Gandha: Smell
Gandharva: Celestial musician
Gani-pidaga: Basket of the ganadharas, i.e., the canon ofthe Jainas
Ganin: Leader of the order
Garbha: Conception
Garhapatya-agni: One of the sacred fires of the Hindu srauta ritual
Gati: Birth; destiny; Condition of existence; Condition
Gau: Cow (animal) or the action of going
Ghana-ambu: Humid air
Ghana-vata: Dense air
Ghatanama: Name of pitcher
Ghatikarman: Destructive karmans
Ghatiya: Destructive; Karmas that have a vitiating effect upon the qualities of the soul
Ghoratavassi: One who practices severe austerities
Gorji: A term used for yati
Gotra: Exogamous groups; Family-determining
Gotra-karma: Karmas that determine environmental circumstances
Grahana: Cognition
Grahya: Cognitum
Granthi: Knot
Gumma: A chapter of monks
Guna: Attribute; Quality
Guna (Kalpana): Quality
Guna sthana: Fourth spiritual stage.
Guna vratas: Special vows relating to the limitation and determination of his daily work, food and enjoyment.B1196
Guna-adhikshu: The path of liberation.
Guna-sabda: Word indicating quality
Gunasthana: The fourteen stages of purification
Gunavratas: Restraints that reinforce the practice of the anuvratas
Guni-desa (Kaladigata): Territory of object
Gupti: Preservation; Restraint
Guru: Heavy; Spiritual teacher
Guru-mudhata: False beliefs pertaining to teachers
Guru-upasti: Listening to and venerating teachers

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Om Namah

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