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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | This body may be viewed as a boat, the soul is its worthy sailor, the ocean is the cycles of worldly existence, which is traversed by illustrious beings. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - J

 Word/Term  Meaning
Jaina: Follower of Jina, a synonym for Nigantha; one who has samyak-darsana
Jaina-brachman: Laypeople in charge of priestly functions within certain Jaina communities
Jaina-sasana: Teaching of the Jainas
Jainabhasa: False Jainas
Jala: Water
Janma: Birth
Janma-kalyanaka: Birth; one of the five auspicious events in the career of a Tirthankara
Jara: Old age
Jarisabda: Root word
Jati: Birth, caste; species within a gati Genus of beings; Genus
Jati (Kalpana): Sophism
Jati-karma: The variety of nama-karma that determines one's specific destiny
Jati-mantra: A litany used in celebrating the birth of a child
Jayamala: Garland of victory; a hymn in praise ofthe Jinas
Jigisu katha: A debate which is held for victory
Jijnasa: Curiosity
Jina: Spiritual victor; a synonym for Tirthankara
Jina-agama: Jaina scripture
Jina-bhavana: Jaina temple
Jina-bimba: Image of Jina
Jina-nama: Name of Jina
Jinakalpin: A monk whose conduct is modeled upon that of Mahaveera
Jinasthapana: Image of Jina
Jiva: Living; Soul; Sentient
Jiva Kanda: Fifth of the Sacred Books of the Jainas
Jivatva: Soul
Jnana: Knowledge
Jnana-cetana: Consciousness characterized as knowing itself
Jnananaya: Point of view of knowledge
Jnananayabhasa: False point of view of knowledge
Jnanavarana: Knowledge-obscuring
Jnanavaraniya: Knowledge-obscuring
Jugupsa: Disgust; aversion; hiding one's own, and publishing other people's shortcomings
Jyotiska: The steller gods

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