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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | One should fight one's inner enemies - passions, attachment, aversion, desires and the like. What is the purpose of fighting the external enemies? Conquering the self through self-reliance leads to happiness. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - R

 Word/Term  Meaning
Raga: Desire; passion; attachment
Rajas: Principle of motion in the Samkhya doctrine
Rajoharana: A whiskbroom
Rajya-Katha: politics
Rakta: Rad
Rasa: Taste
Rasa parityaga: Daily renunciation of one or more of six kinds of delicacies: Ghee, milk, curd, sugar, salt, and oil--external austerity; Abandonment of stimulating or delicious food
Rati: Indulgence; Pleasure in sense activity
Ratnatraya: The three jewels: right faith or insight, right knowledge, right conduct
Ratre-bhukta-tyaga: Abstinence from eating at night
Ratri-bhojana: Eating at night
Ratribhakta-pratima: The sixth stage, in which one limits all sexual activity to nighttime hours
Raudradhyana: Meditation on the perverse pleasure of causing injury to others
Rju: Analytic
Rju-sutrabhasa: False analytical view point
Rjumati: Straight intelligence
Rjusutra (Naya): Analytic stand, point
Rjusutra-naya: Straight-thread view
Rta: Vedic concept of cosmic law
Ruja: Illness
Ruksha: Rough
Rupastha-dhyana: Concentration on the form of the Jina
Rupatita-dhyana: Concentration on that which transcends form: the nature of the siddha

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