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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | It is most auspicious to control the self through restraint and penance; rather than calling for punishment from others, confinement or the end of life. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - T

 Word/Term  Meaning
Taijasa: Electric body; Electric body of mundane souls which always accompanies them
Taijasa Agrahya-Vargana: Electric-unrecievable-molecule
Taijasa Vargana: What the electric body is made of
Taijasa-sarira: Heat body
Taijasa-Vargana: Electric Molecule
Tamas: The principle of inertia in the Samkhya doctrine
Tan-manohara anga-nirikshana-tyaga: Renouncing of seeing their beautiful bodies
Tanu-vata: Rarefied air
Tapa: Austerity
Taranapantha: A Jaina reform movement started by Taranasvami
Tarka: Reduction and absurdum
Tattva: Reals; Fundamentals of Faith for a Jain
Tattva-rupavati: The meditative practice of envisioning the body as totally pure
Tejo-kayika: Fire bodies
Tendriya: Three-sensed
Terapantha: Path of the thirteen; name of a subsect of the Sthanakavasi
Tika: Commentary
Tikta: Pungent
Tirtha: Ford; the path of Jaina practice; the monastic order
Tirtha-ksetra: A place where arhats have attained moksa
Tirthamkara: A Tirthamkara's career with all its grandeur when He preaches and completes His Ministry
Tirthankara: Builders of the ford; the omniscient spiritual teachers of the Jainas; a synonym for Jina
Tirthankara-prakrti: Karmas that determine the body of a Tirthankara
Tiryancha: Animals and plants, sub-human
Tiryancha Anupurvi: Sub-human--migratory form
Tiryancha-ayu: Sub-human age karma
Tiryanchayu: Sub-human age
Titthiya: Pali for Tirthankara
Trairupya: Triple characteristic
Trasa Mobile being; A being having two or more senses
Trasa-nadi: Channel of the mobile beings; that portion of the lokakasa in which the trasas abide
Trilaksana: Three characteristics

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