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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | It is most auspicious to control the self through restraint and penance; rather than calling for punishment from others, confinement or the end of life. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - U

 Word/Term  Meaning
Ubhaya mana: Mixed true and false mind
Ubhaya-Vachana: Both true and false
Ubhayasambandha (Vyanjana): Relation of the two, i.e. contact-awareness and object-awareness
Ubhayasiddha: Proved both ways
Ubhayasiddha (Hetvabhasa): Unproved for both
Ucchedavada: Doctrine of annihilation after death
Ucchedavadin: Annihilationist
Ucchvasa: Sigh
Uchcha: Gotra high family
Uchchhvasa: Respiration
Udaya: Arising
Uddistatyaga-pratima: The eleventh stage, in which a layman renounces any food or lodging that has been specifically prepared for him
Uddistha-tyaga: Preparatory to the monk's life. enjoins a gradual giving up of the world and retiring into osme very quiet place to acquire the knowledge of truth and ultimately to become fit to be a teacher of the path to Liberation
Udirana: Energy that makes possible the premature fruition of karmas
Udumbara: Fig
Udvartana: Energy that delays the time and increases the intensity of karmic fruition
Udyota: Cold light, phosphorescence; cold light like moonshine
Uha (Pramana): Inductive reasoning
Ullekha: Mention
Upa-brimhana: Also Upa guhana, advancement in one's own attributes. Free from a tendency to proclaim the foults of others
Upabhoga: Repeated enjoyment
Upabhoga-antaraya: Hindrance to repeated enjoyment
Upabhoga, pari bhoga parimana: Taking a vow every day limiting one's enjoyment of consumable and non-consumable things
Upabhogha Antaraya: Obstuctive of Re-enjoyment of non-consumable things
Upacara: Transference of epithet
Upadana-karana: Material cause
Upadhyaya: Preceptor
Upaghata: Self-destructive; Having a self-destructive limb or organ, as a stag's horns
Upaguhana: Protecting a fellow Jaina
Upakara: Effect
Upakarana: Mixing up of things necessary for doing any act
Upakaranendriya: Physical sense-organ
Upakarin: Effect
Upalambha: Observation
Upamana (Pramana): Analogy
Upanaya: Application
Upanayana: Ceremony of initiation
Upanga: Minor limb; Subsidiary to the Anga; a group of twelve canonical texts
Upaniti: The ceremony of initiation for a layman
Upapata: Rebirth in hell or heaven
Upapatti: Concomitant
Upasaka: A Jaina layman; a synonym for sravaka
Upasaka-pratima: The eleven stages of laymanship, a synonym for sravaka-pratima
Upasama: Suppression
Upasamana: Energy that temporarily prevents karmas from coming to fruition
Upasamharavacana: Concluding words
Upasanta-moha: The eleventh gunasthana, in which all caritra-mohaniya karmas are briefly rendered inoperative
Upasarga: Calamity; Preposition
Upatta: Of the matter assimilated as karma and non-karma by the soul, that which is accepted by the soul
Upayoga: Applied consciousness; Conscious Activity
Upayogendriya: Functioning sense
Urdhva-loka: The celestial world
Ushna: Hot
Utkrama: Perverted order
Utpada: Birth; Comes into existence; Origin; acquisition
Utpala-patra-satavyati-bheda: Like the piercing of the hundred petals of a lotus
Utsarga-samiti: Care in performing the excretory functions
Utsarpini: Ascending round; Progressive half-cycle
Uttama arjava: Supreme Straight-forwardness, (Honesty).
Uttama mardava: Supreme Jumility
Uttama samyama: Supreme Restraint
Uttama satya: Supreme truth
Uttama-akinchanya: Supreme non-attachment. Not taking the non-self for one's own self
Uttama-brahmacharya: Supreme Chastity
Uttama-kshama: Supreme Forgiveness
Uttama-shaucha: Supreme contentment
Uttama-tapa: Supreme Austerities
Uttama-tyaga: Supreme Renunciation
Uttaracara: Successor
Uttaracaranupalabdhi (Hetu): Non-availability of the follower
Uvajjhaya: Prakrit for upadhyaya

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