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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | A mortal enemy, who cuts one's throat, does not bring as much misery as do one's own demeritorious acts; realizing their mistakes, some confess and repent for their misdeeds at the time of death, when it is too late. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Jain Glossary


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Jain Glossary (Dictionary) for the alphabet - Y

 Word/Term  Meaning
Yadrccha-sabda: Words, which are proper names
Yaksa: Demigod
Yantra: Mystical diagram
Yashah Kirti: Fame; bringing good fame even if one does not do good actions
Yathakhyata-caritra: Conduct conforming to perfect purity
Yathapravrtta-karana: The soul's ineradicable tendency towards spirtual growth
Yati: A spiritually advanced layman of the Svetambara sect
Yatra: Pilgrimage
Yaugapadya: Simultaneity
Yoga: Contemplation; Vibration; Activities
Yojana: A measure fo distance equal to about; Eight or nine miles
Yugapat: Simultaneous

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