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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | Victory over thousands of external enemies in the battlefield is insignificant, (it is of no avail) compared to the victory over one's inner enemies; vanquishing one's passions is an unparalleled conquest. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam


Having purified their souls of karmic impurities, a tirthankar is considered omniscient, a role model. They are referred to as god, such as through the use of the word bhagavan, lord (e.g., Bhagavan Rishabha, Bhagavan Parshva, etc.). They are not regarded as gods in the pantheistic or polytheistic sense, but rather as examples of the spiritual qualities to which Jains are to strive. There have been 24 Tirthankaras in what the Jains call the 'present age'.

Brief Details of Tirthankaras | Kalyanakas of Tirthankaras | Past and Future Tirthanakaras
Rishabha Dev | Ajitnath | Sambhavnath | Abhinandannath | Sumatinath | Padmaprabhu | Suparshvanath
Chandraprabhu | Pushpadanta | Sheetalnath | Shreyansnath | Vasupujya | Vimalnath | Anantnath
Dharmanath | Shantinath | Kunthunath | Arahnath | Mallinath | Munisuvrata | Naminath
Neminath | Parshvanath | Mahaveera

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