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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | My own self is the mythical river VAITARNI, my own self is the legendary SHALMALI tree, my own self is the fanciful KAAMADHENU, my own self is the imaginary NANDAN garden. My own self is the doer and undoer, of unpleasant and pleasant experiences; my own self, on meritorious path, is my friend, my own self, engaged in demerit, is my foe. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Short Inspiring Jain Story on Value of Celibacy


Rathnemi and Aristnemi were brothers, but the two were poles apart in temperament. Aristnemi was detached whereas Rathnemi was attached to worldly things. The beautiful Rajimati wanted to marry Aristnemi, who refused it being devoted to monkhood. Rathnemi was pleased to learn that his brother had refused Rajimati, for it increased his own chances of marrying her.

So Rathnemi sent his maid secretly to Rajimati to sing his praises. After praising Rathnemi's handsome personality, bravery and skill, the maid put forth his proposal for Rajimati's hand. Rajimati was surprised at that but decided to playa trick in order to teach Rathnemi a lesson. She asked the maid to send Rathnemi personally to get the answer. She added that he should bring his favourite drink with him.

Rathnemi regarded Rajimati's message as a good sign. He went to her house thinking happily about the future. Rajimati greeted him and the two talked for a long time, eventually opening the drink Rathnemi had brought.

Rajimati offering vomit to RathnemiRajimati had the drink with a medicine instantly. Just as Rathnemi was thinking his proposal would be accepted, Rajimati vomited in the same cup what she had drunk from. Rathnemi shivered, wondering if something was mixed in his own drink as well, when Rajimati gave her cup filled with the vomit to Rathnemi and asked him to drink it.

Rathnemi was startled. Rajimati's behaviour irritated him. He barked angrily, "Rajimati, to ask such a thing is to insult a noble man like me! Do you regard me as a dog or a crow that you think I would drink the vomit.

Rajimati --I'm just testing your love.

Rathnemi --Is this the proper way to test it? There are many other methods.

Rajimati --If you had just drunk it at my command, I will know that you truly love me. After ail, this is the same liquid that you brought for me. I swallowed it but vomited it before it reached my stomach.

Rathnemi --It makes no difference. After all, it is vomit. Rajimati - is it so difficult for it to be drunk by the person who wants to marry me?
Rathnemi--What in the world does marriage has to do with vomiting?

Rajimati--In the same way as this drink was vomited by me, I was abandoned as if vomited by your elder brother. Rathnemi! When you thought of marrying me, you should have considered that you were really wishing to marry your elder brother's wife. You weren't thinking about anything but beauty. It would've been better for you to renounce worldly pleasures and enjoy inner peace.

Rajimati's words awakened his conscience. He was ashamed. He replied with sorrow: " I apologize for my mistake and will not repeat it in future. I hereby renounce worldly affairs like my brother. Now I shall go."


Om Namah

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