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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | It is most auspicious to control the self through restraint and penance; rather than calling for punishment from others, confinement or the end of life. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Lord Vasupujya - Main Events


Previous Births of Vasupujya

In his previous incarnation Lord Vasupujya's soul was King Padmottar. King Padmottar ruled over Mangalavati town of Ardhapushkar island. He was a person devoted to spiritual pursuits. In later part of his life he took Diksha from Acharya Vajranabh. Reducing the tarnish of Karma by penance and spiritual practices he earned the Tirthankar-nam-and-gotra-karma and incarnated as a god in the Pranat dimension.

Birth of Lord Vasupujya

Vasupujya was the king of Champa town in the Bharat sub-continent. His queen was Jaya Devi. Besides being a great warrior King Vasupujya was a compassionate and charitable person. The queen too was benevolent and she inspired the king in his charitable activities. The being that was Padmottar after completing his age in Pranant dimension descended into the womb of queen Jaya Devi.

It was morning time and sun was shining brightly over Ganga River. On the third floor of a beautiful palace near the shore of Ganga, was King Vasupujya sitting in his deep thoughts when Queen Jaya Devi came to him and expressed her anxiousness to know the meaning of fourteen (sixteen according to Digambar Jain Sect) auspicious dreams she saw early in the morning. King was very happy and explained that these dreams are seen by a women who is about to give birth to a pious soul, a Tirthankara. On the fourteenth day of the Falgun Krishna month of the Hindu calendar, queen Jaya Devi gave birth to a son.

Naming Ceremony

It is said that when the queen was pregnant, the king of gods Indra came to convey his veneration to the future Tirthankar and his mother. As Indra is also known as Vasu, the new born was named Vasupujya (venerated by Vasu).

Path of Renunciation

Lord Vasupujya preaching and spreading his knowledge

As Vasupujya grew, so grew his inherent detachment and apathy for mundane affairs. He had no attraction for the regal splendor and grandeur. When he became young his parents wanted him to marry but he declined. He even conveyed that he had no intention of ascending the throne. In spite of all persuasions from his family members, he renounced the worldly life and became a Shraman on the fifteenth day of he dark half of the month of Phalgun along with six hundred other persons.

Omniscience and Nirvana

After becoming a saint, Vasupujya went roaming from place to place spreading the message of peace and religion. On the second day of Magh Shukla, he came to the same place where he started his religious journey, under the same Patal Tree. And during meditation all the ghati Karmas destroyed and he attained Kevala Gyana. The second day a Samavsharan was organized in Champa town itself and light of knowledge was spreading all over. Bhagvan Vasupujya came to Dwarka. King of Dwarka was Dwiprishtha, brother of Vasupujya ji and his one of the devotees. He came to Vasupujya ji and asked him that why did he had to kill the neighboring king Tarak. On this Bhagvan Vasupujya ji told him that in the past life he was king Parvat and there was a very beautiful girl in your kingdom, Gunmanjari. Your neighbouring king was Vindyashakti who was very powerful and cruel. He asked the girl from you and you refused to do so. He attacked your kingdom and you lost the battle. Being beaten you were very sad and depressed so, you took diksha and went on the path of devotion and meditation. But even then you could not forget and forgive Vindyashakti. So, in the next birth you became what you are today and he became King Tarak. This is why, you killed him.

Hearing all this Dwiprishtha went on the feet’s of Vasupujya and took Diksha from him joined his divine army.

Bhagavan Vasupujya got Nirvana in Champa town on the fourteenth day of the bright half of the month of Ashad (according to Hindu Calendar).

Om Namah

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