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Ahimsa Parmo Dharma | My own self is the mythical river VAITARNI, my own self is the legendary SHALMALI tree, my own self is the fanciful KAAMADHENU, my own self is the imaginary NANDAN garden. My own self is the doer and undoer, of unpleasant and pleasant experiences; my own self, on meritorious path, is my friend, my own self, engaged in demerit, is my foe. | Parasparo Upgraha Jivanam
Lord Vimalnath - Main Events


Previous Births of Vimalnath

In his previous incarnation Lord Vimalnath's soul was King Padmasen. King Padmasen ruled over Mahapuri town in Datakikhand. He was always engaged in spiritual practices. Later he took diksha from Acharya Yarsvargupt. As a result of his deep meditational practices he purified his soul to an extent that he acquired the Tirthankar-nam-and-gotra-karma. Because of this he reincarnated in the Mahardhik dimension of gods.

Birth of Lord Vimalnath

Birth of Lord Vimalnath

King Kritavarman and queen Shyama Devi of Kampilpur were both spiritualists and devotees of the Jina. The queen one day saw fourteen (sixteen according to Digambar Jain Sect) auspicious dreams and the augurs announced that she will give birth to a Tirthankar. The being that was Padmasen descended into the queen's womb from the Mahardhik dimension of gods. On the third day of the Magh Sukla month of the Hindu calendar, queen Shyama Devi gave birth to a son.

Naming Ceremony

During her pregnancy the queen radiated a soothing glow. Her temperature also became congenial, kind, and generous. When the child was born the whole atmosphere was also filled with a soothing glow. Inspired by this spread of purity, the king named his new born son as Vimal (pure/untarnished).

Vimal Kumar as prince and king

In due course, prince Vimal Kumar became young. He was a boy of discipline, high thoughts, great temperament, much more mature from his age. According to his parent's desire he married many times. One day king Kritavarman thought of moving ahead on the path of devotion so he coronated Vimal Kumar as king and left for jungles to practise asceticism. King Vimalnath was an able king and very popular among all.

Path of Renunciation

Slowly King Vimalnath became least interested in the kingdom and all the work were taken care by other persons. One day while, while he was deep in his thoughts he saw himself as King Padmsen of Mahapuri town in Dhatikhand who was always engaged in spiritual practices. This made him realize the true purpose of his birth. For the entire year from that time, he distributed wealth among the people. One day, along with thousand other kings, he came out of the palace, removed his hair with his fist, uttered, “Namo Siddhanam” and became an ascetic.

Omniscience and Nirvana

After two years of spiritual practices he attained omniscience and established the religious ford. Merak Prativasudev, Svayambhu Vasudev, and Bhadra Baldev were his contemporaries.

Bhagavan Vimalnath got Nirvana at Sammed shikharji on the seventh day of the dark half of the month of Ashadh.

Om Namah

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